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Author: My View | Official IWFA Blog By Darrell Smith Created: 11/7/2013
This is the official blog of the IWFA. Written by Darrell Smith, the Executive Director of the IWFA. With over 35 years of experience in the window film industry, Darrell provides comments and insights on the current state and future opportunities within the window film community.

Join Us in Celebrating National Window Film Day on April 30, 2018

By darrell@iwfa.com on 4/16/2018

We are proud to recognize April 30, 2018, as the fifth annual National Window Film Day (NWFD) and invite our members and industry as a whole to participate and join the celebration.

Utility Companies Can Help Customers Understand Window Film’s Benefits

By darrell@iwfa.com on 4/10/2018

For utility companies in the business of selling power, demand can, on occasion, exceed capacity making operations inefficient. In response to this we’re encouraging utilities to be aware of the energy savings benefits of professionally installed window film while educating their customers on the returns.

Advance Corporate Green Initiatives with Professionally Installed Window Film

By darrell@iwfa.com on 2/8/2018

In an era of environmental consciousness, incorporating green initiatives is top of mind for many companies, not only helping a businesses’ bottom line but also the planet. 

New Survey Shows People Unaware Of the Danger of Sunlight At Home and In the Car

By darrell@iwfa.com on 11/9/2017

I thought "stay out of the sun" was a common practice for many of us. It turns out, I'm wrong. The majority of people are still not aware that the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause significant damage to their skin and eyes, even while inside their homes or driving in their cars. This is according to a new IWFA survey among 1,094 U.S. adults, where the results came as a huge surprise to me. What will it take for people to understand the dangers of UV rays?

Keep on Trucking! Join the IWFA in Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

By darrell@iwfa.com on 9/12/2017

Driving long haul routes from sun up to sundown to deliver America’s goods is business as usual for the country’s 3.5 million truck drivers. In fact, America’s professional men and women truckers log close to 724 billion m ...

Celebrate Children's Eye Health and Safety Month with Professionally Installed Window Film

By darrell@iwfa.com on 8/14/2017
In recognition of Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month this August, consider taking action by having professionally installed window film applied to the windows of your home and vehicles to block these invisible, but dangerous UV rays.

Sun Protection on Your Summer Drive

By darrell@iwfa.com on 7/10/2017

So how, you might ask, do we protect ourselves and passengers effectively this summer when hitting the road? The answer is clear: by using professionally installed window film.

Summer is Here!

By darrell@iwfa.com on 6/8/2017

Significant plots of land. Original paper documents. Historical homes. From Massachusetts to Virginia, our beautiful country has much history to be preserved. 

May is Historic Preservation Month

By darrell@iwfa.com on 5/9/2017

Owning a historic property can be very rewarding. It can help open the door to learning more about the area where you live and work. That said, historic homes also come with their own set of challenges - primarily how to honor the building's history while still maintaining today's quality of life.

National Window Film Day is April 30!

By darrell@iwfa.com on 4/11/2017

From Utah to Massachusetts, governors across the country are joining the International Window Film Association in declaring April 30th National Window Film Day (NWFD)! This year marks the fourth NWFD, and we are happy to continue furthering ...